CBD Testimonials

CBD Testimonials

A CBD craze has taken over the nation! 

You’ve seen advertisements all over the internet and might be getting emails promoting this new treatment for pain and anxiety.

You may have friends or co-workers who are sharing how CBD has worked for them, I’ve combed the web and found testimonials from users across different platforms. I used Reddit, Quora, Wiki Answers, YouTube, and Yahoo Answers.

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The CBD Testimonials

“I take it primarily for anxiety. I was on 20 mg of lexapro daily for a few years, prior to that I was on Valium and ended up taking it just to maintain on a daily basis which was why I switched to the lexapro. I’ve been taking CBD for a couple of months and I think it’s done more for my anxiety than anything else I’ve taken before. I’ve tapered down on my lexapro to 10mg daily and still feel calmer and more relaxed than I ever did before. I plan to stop taking lexapro completely and continue CBD daily so as far as I can tell right now it’s been a huge help.” -Reddit User PricklyPeteZ

“I used to drink about 6-12 a beers a night. Every single day at around 4:00pm, my cravings came in. I felt so bored like I constantly had to be doing something. But if I drank, that feeling would go away and I could relax and sleep better at night. Started researching CBD oil and bought 35mg capsules. Took one at around 4:00pm and within a few minutes, I felt sooo much better! Even opened the fridge, saw my beer, and it almost grossed me out! I feel relaxed, and about 5-6 hours after taking it, I’m ready for bed. No more booze for sleep and no more sitting in bed wide awake when sober. I’m saving a ton of money and am very happy I started taking it. Im also a runner and would have lower back pain that I took Ibuprofen for. But I haven’t felt my back once! Been takin them for about a week now.” -Reddit User jp2188

“Anxiety. Prior to cbd I was having anxiety attacks 3-4x daily. Now, maybe once every two weeks. For me it’s a lifesaver.” -Reddit User angelfishmagoo

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“It will help. I’ve had issues with drugs and depression for nearly 10 years, and have been heavily dependent on THC lately, but now that I have been using CBD I have no desire to smoke and haven’t at all since I got the stuff about two weeks ago. I was ready to stop though.” -Reddit User imLC

“I’ve had a similar experience. I notice my mood stays a lot more stable when using cbd and I don’t really get down in the low points like I was or focus to much on negative things.” -Reddit User Pyro92
“Epilepsy treatment with CBD oil. I started my dog on CBD oil 7 weeks ago because he’s got epilepsy, and it was getting worse and worse, so I found a reliable company in the UK, and started him on the oil. Since then, he’s had one solo fit, when he’d normally have a cluster. CBD works.” -Reddit User xantasticated

The Verdict

CBD has given benefits to many users. Reading through these testimonials, you can see this is no joke. You can begin your CBD journey too! This post is a great start: the best CBD brands out there.

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