Best Workout Hacks!

Workout Tips and Hacks

Feeling lost in the fitness world?

Not sure what advice to follow?

I know! The workout industry is saturated with advice from thousands of sources. It is very overwhelming! We at Smarter Health Review have outlined several tips and hacks in multiple categories for you. We tried to keep it as simple as possible. Learn what to eat before a workout, what to do at the gym, and how to recover after a workout. Comment if these worked for you!

Eating before a workout

Nutrition and Working Out
  • Avoid eating fat a couple hours before working out
  • Take caffeine an hour before workout, it will increase endurance and the amount of reps you can perform
  • Take whey protein supplements before and after workouts
  • Add cocoa to your protein shakes. Cocoa has a substance which boosts Nitric Oxide levels, which opens blood vessels increasing blood flow and endurance.
  • Make a beet salad. Spinach, kale, and beets are all high in Nitric Oxide.
  • Eat buckwheat. Buckwheat digests slowly, which increases endurance. Lamb and salmon also digest slowly. Slow digesting foods will gradually release carbs during a long workout.
  • Hydrate! duh…
  • Drink low sugar sports drinks. Watch out for high sugar drinks.

Friends Working Out

At the Gym
  • Wear a weight vest. Will make workouts more effective
  • Stretch between sets. Stretching can increase results quicker
  • Buy a carabiner to hang rings, earrings and other jewelry on. Don’t worry about losing that wedding ring!
  • Put your phone on do not disturb mode. Avoid the temptation of checking Instagram or Twitter between sets.
  • Bring a friend. Having someone to hold you accountable is very beneficial.
  • Make a playlist of your favorite songs. Music is a real motivating force.
Look ripped after a workout
After Your Workout
  • Stretch again! Studies have found that stretching after workouts increases flexibility and recovery times.
  • Down the protein. Have a protein shake with lots of whey.
  • Hit the sauna or hot tub. Your body has heat shock proteins which are only activated with heat. Utilize those to increase muscle quicker.
  • Take supplements. Supplements high in Nitric Oxide and L-Arginine help you achieve better results.
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