Best Muscle Supplements of 2018

Best Muscle Supplements

Looking for the best muscle supplement? There is a massive amount information available online it can be overwhelming.

We’re here to increase your time working out at the gym and lessen your time searching for the best supplements.

Muscle 101

You need the supplement with the most benefits for your body. You want it to increase muscle mass and help with recovery.

Here’s what to look for:

  • a blend developed by scientists
  • nutritious formula
  • all natural, no artificial preservatives
  • high in protein
  • increases testosterone levels
  • some key ingredients: alanine, creatine, whey, leucine, amino acids, BCAAs, and whey.

If you look for those bullets, you’ll burn fat and get rid of sore muscles quicker. Spend more time exercising and less time icing up!

Top 5 Muscle Supplements of 2018

Rhino Rx Muscle Supplement

#1: The strength you receive from Rhino Rx is unreal. We received huge gains from using this product. Rhino Rx has a powerful blend of high potency ingredients. They also have an exceptional customer service staff and generous return policy. All around the best product. Buy Now!

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Signature Whey 100% Protein

#2: Your body will thank you for using Signature Whey, though it is a one dimensional product. It consists strictly of whey protein. This will help build muscle mass, though won’t help with muscle recovery after your exercise. Go with a product which contains a diverse blend of ingredients for best muscle building.

Muscle Builder

#3: Muscle Builder will help build muscle, but our results didn’t come quickly. They are also currently out of stock when we tried to reorder. Look elsewhere until MuscleTech cleans up their business side of operations.

Beverly Muscle Mass

#4: Beverly Muscle is an alright product, though again they rely too much on one ingredient. They used mainly BCAAs or Branched Chain Amino Acids. Formulas with one main ingredient are not the best choice.

Steel 19-Nor-Andro

#5: Steel Andro is not recommended. Poor customer service when we tried to get a refund because it did not give us proper results.

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Rhino Rx Muscle




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