Top Brain Supplements of 2018

Top Brain Supplements

Looking to work less and play longer? 

Get homework done faster? 

Master those crossword puzzles?

Want to improve your work and academic performance?

Try one of these risk free brain health supplements!

What Is A Brain Supplement?

Smart pills are becoming increasingly common in the world, just take a visit to Silicon Valley. In the days of uber-competitive workplaces, everyone is looking for an edge.

“Nootropics”are taking the world by storm. A nootropic is a drug or supplement which improves cognitive function, particularly executive functions, memory, creativity, or motivation. Nootropic or “smart pill” is the same thing as a brain supplement.

These supplements are known to enhance your brain to achieve maximum performance in areas such as:

  • Focus
  • Clarity
  • Memory
  • Information Processing
  • Brain Energy

What Do Brain Supplements Support?

In addition to those benefits, these supplements are essential to maintaining a healthy brain. They are sold to support:

  • Nerve Growth: promotes nerve growth, unlocking future brain potential
  • Brain Cell Walls: protects and strengthens them for safety
  • Nutrient Delivery: quickly and efficiently gets nutrients delivered to your brain
  • Brain Stimulation: a workout for your brain, keeps your brain sharp
  • Increased Blood Flow: better blood flow to the brain means faster information processing

And better yet, these supplements are 100% LEGAL and non addictive, unlike other brain pills such as Adderall and Providil. 


  • Well Researched Ingredients
  • Long Term Brain Support
  • Free Trial

When it comes to brain health and increasing functionality, Neuro Blast leads the way. This 100% water soluble pill will increase your mental focus, clarity, and memory. Known in the scientific world as a Nootropic, this supplement’s formula can actually build new neurons and pathways in your brain. In addition to creating a remarkable product, Neuro Blast has an exceptional customer service team. The best thing about Neuro Blast is that it is being offered as a FREE TRIAL right now. 



Mindhack Free Trial
  • Well Researched Ingredients
  • Long Term Brain Support
  • Highest Quality

Mind Hack is an advanced cognitive support supplement. It is very balanced and provides a variety of benefits. In some users, it also produced vivid and lucid dreams. Mind Hack has exceptional customer service when you need questions answered. Mind Hack is an overall better product than Neuro Blast, but it isn’t offered as a free trial which brings it down in these rankings. If you want a better experience, go for Mind Hack!




  • Well Researched Ingredients
  • Long Term Brain Support
  • Sold Out

Cognignex brings us “Clarity”, a new supplement which helps eliminate “Brain Fog Syndrome”. Cognigenx is healthy and will improve your focus and memory. It has a very similar formula to Neuro Blast, which is why is receives it’s high score. We would still recommend Cognigenx if you’re left unsatisfied with Neuro Blast. It is currently sold out.


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